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Tom Brandt

I am a software engineer living in Dearborn, MI, where I work on large, complex web apps built with Ruby on Rails and Ember. I am a senior software engineer for Trice Imaging, and a member of Workantile, a coworking community in downtown Ann Arbor.

Travel is something I enjoy immensely. I have traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, and have visited England, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal. Prague, Barcelona, and Edinburgh are my favorite European cities.

Music keeps me sane. I am a baritone with Vanguard Voices and the Aeolian Chorale. I have had the privilege of performing, among many other things, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Mass in B-Minor by JS Bach, and Maurice Duruflè’s setting of the Requiem Mass.

Other interests include reading, and the art of the craft cocktail. My current reading interests include mystery (Louise Penney and Reginald Hill are current favorites), and speculative fiction (JRR Tolkien, NK Jemison).

I am an elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and an active member of the First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor.

You can contact me at tom@tombrandt.net. If you know my phone number you can also reach me on Signal.

Elsewhere on the web: - mastodon: @twbrandt@a2mi.social - github: twbrandt - flickr: twbrandt

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